Marine Engine & Mechanical Services

Chapelin Marine Engineering brings together marine education with decades of experience in the field to diagnose, design and repair various mechanical and hydraulic issues. As vessel owners, we all know that without a properly working engine, we don’t have a usable boat.

Our understanding of the relationship between the engine and mechanical features make us uniquely qualified and skilled in the marine industry. Our professionals know the supporting systems and subsystems, like electrical and plumbing, that tend to work hand in hand with a marine engine.

Marine Engine Maintenance & Repair

Marine engines need consistent attention due to the environment they occupy. Humid, wet and hot temperatures can damage many components of an engine. We provide quick and effective engine repairs depending on what needs to be done, and can work on both gas and diesel engines inboard or out board, like Yamaha, Mercury.

Be sure to connect with us and let us know what kinds of issues are taking place onboard so we can help get the vessel back on the water quickly.

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Please call us today  to discuss any marine engine problems in the greater south Florida area. We work as fast as possible to get our clients back on the water.

Marine Mechanical Services

After decades of repairing vessels of all types, we have come to learn a lot about marine mechanical services for our clients. Even new boat owners learn how important it is that their mechanical systems are functioning well. No one wants to be stranded on the water desperately calling for a tow. Whether someone needs to repair existing problems or anticipate issues by doing mechanical maintenance, we are here to help.

Here is a sample of the work we do for a variety of boats such as workboats, fishing vessels, pleasure crafts, and luxury yachts.

Marine Ventilation Systems


There are various ventilation systems on boats that favor both function and comfort. Proper ventilation systems are necessary for engine performance and components. Other ventilation systems will ensure that mildew and mold don’t spread throughout the comfort levels of a vessel. These systems ensure humid air can move regularly and doesn’t sit stagnant causing various problems throughout the boat. Here are some of the ventilation systems we can work on:

  • Air Handling Units – Heating and Cooling

  • Engine Room Units – Improved Performance and Safety

  • Cargo Room Ventilation – To Combat Humidity Levels

  • Individual Cabin Systems – Ensure Comfort for all Passengers and Crew

Marine Pump Systems


There is no shortage of pumps aboard sailing, cruising and working vessels. They can be found all over a boat and are typically used to move water and waste. Here is a more in-depth look at some of the pump systems we can help with:

  • Freshwater Pressurized Systems

  • Washdown Systems

  • Bilge Pumps

  • Fuel Pumps

  • Grey Water Pumps

  • Black Water Pumps

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We look forward to learning more about our clients’ vessels and are confident we can diagnose and repair the gas or diesel engines. Chapelin Marine Engineering has been servicing vessels in Fort Lauderdale since 2006, and we are ABS and Llyod Certified. Please call us today  to discuss any marine engine problems in the greater south Florida area. We work as fast as possible to get our clients back on the water.