Marine Hydraulic Services

Vessels of all nature are subject to hydraulic issues as pressure, resistance, and energy transfer fail in various marine components. At Chapelin Marine Engineering we have decades of experience working on diverse hydraulic systems and are ABS and Lloyds Certified.

Hydraulic Steering System

Anyone with existing hydraulic steering issues can reach out to our team, so we can begin diagnosing what might be going wrong with it. From the steering cylinder to the help pump, various issues can arise. We have experience in troubleshooting, repairing and installing new steering systems, such as Wagner, Kobelt, Hynautic and BCS Systems.

At Chapelin Marine Engineering, we disassemble, clean and inspect all components of a steering system:

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Cylinders

We check the cylinder rods for straightening, recondition the interior of the barrel, replace the seals and conduct a pressure-test of the cylinder to ensure quality and safety.

Hynautic Engine Controls

These controls are often found on workboats, fishing boats, and luxury cruising vessels. When functioning correctly, these controls give a captain a smooth and synchronized control of their throttle and transmission linkages. Any issues with backlash, motion loss, friction or throttle control may be due to trouble in the Hynautic control system. We can diagnose what might be causing the issues and repair it promptly to get the vessel back on the water.

Passarelles Doors, Platforms, or Steps

When it comes to large vessels, it’s essential to have a safe way to enter and exit from a pier to a boat deck. In fact, on some vessels, when a passerelles door/steps aren’t working it can really impact how passengers and crew move on the boat. These systems are also found on external platforms for jet skis and tenders. Any issues that might be taking place with a passerelle, or “gangway” platform, are systems that we work on regularly to ensure everyone is safe while aboard.

Hydraulic Windlass and Capstan Mechanism

Whether a vessel requires a windlass for the typical use such as an anchor, or if a windlass system is used on a workboat vessel, we work on all of these hydraulic systems. There are various components to windlass systems that can fail. We will evaluate equipment like gearboxes, wheels, shafts, couplings, pinions, and brake bands to discover any issues taking place in the windlass system. We service all brands, such as Maxwell, Muir, Lofrans and more!

Other Hydraulic Systems

We extend our hydraulic services to passerelles and gangways such as Opacmare, Besenzoni and more. Chapelin Marine Engineering also provides service and installation of new bow and stern thruster, like Side-Power or American Bow Thruster.

Chapelin Marine Engineering has been working in the Fort Lauderdale area since 2006. They are lead by president Danilo Chapelin who was trained in Russia the prestigious Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University. The company has worked on small sportfishing boats, as well as full refitting projects on major commercial and luxury vessels. Please give us a call at (954) 232-9563 for any hydraulic system needs from design to repair. Visit us on facebook to learn more about what we do to serve the marine industry.