Marine Plumbing Services

The trouble with marine plumbing is that one doesn’t typically get much warning that something is about to go pretty wrong with the plumbing system. Aside from some normal wear and tear repairs and maintenance, a plumbing issue can be non-existent one moment and a disaster the next.

We work with the best materials to ensure plumbing systems are in regulation and also offer longevity. Sometimes this calls for materials like PVC, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, steel or nickel plate. A marine plumbing system issue can pose a problem for passenger comfort aboard, or worse, how a boat stays above water. Here is a look at some of the marine plumbing services we offer:

Thru-Hull Fittings – We can service and install new thru hull fittings or valves according to a vessel’s needs. These fittings allow water to pass either in or out of the boat and are often attached to piping in a boat, such as to the AC unit.

Fresh Water Plumbing – Whether someone is looking to repair a small nuisance leak in the galley or they are ready to completely refit the freshwater system, we are prepared to provide the services and expertise for the job.

Grey/Black Water Plumbing – Plumbing for these systems are highly regulated and require a decent amount of knowledge to be done correctly. We can repair certain points in the grey or black water system, or remove and redesign a new system that has failed.

Heads and Treatment Systems – We know toilets and sanitation systems, and can easily repair or replace a system depending on the problems that might be happening onboard. We can add a marine sanitation device (MSD) if a boat owner is looking to upgrade the head plumbing system.

AC Systems – Air conditioning onboard has its own set of challenges and can make for a lot of discomforts if not handled quickly. We can evaluate how the current system is functioning and repair and replace the plumbing components if called for.

Seacocks – Most boaters understand how crucial seacocks are to a vessel. If an inspection reveals failing or damaged seacocks, our team has extensive experience in finding solutions to these troublesome boat components.

Fuel and Oil Piping – Overtime, fuel and oil lines can become rigid and hazardous for both passengers and engines. We can evaluate these supply lines and repair them if appropriate.

Maintenance Options


We believe that a healthy marine plumbing system is one that is looked over regularly for preventative measures. Someone might not have a plumbing issue today, but a quick evaluation of plumbing systems could prove invaluable in the future. Here are some items we will look at when evaluating a marine plumbing system:

Faucets and Drains – Looking for improper installation, leaks, water stains, corrosion and other problematic clues that may cause future damage.

Cracked Hoses – Hoses aboard should be flexible and forgiving since boats tend to move around a lot. Older hoses can crack over-time and potentially cause problems that aren’t seen immediately.

Hose Clamps and Fittings – These are common items usually listed by surveyors after inspecting a boat. We replace all corroded hose clamps and fittings to ensure the safety of your vessel.

Anyone with a marine plumbing issue can reach out to our qualified professionals who can diagnose what is happening. Please contact Chapelin Marine Engineering today at (954) 232-9563. We are ABS and Lloyd Certified marine engineers and service the greater Fort Lauderdale area. We can assist with just about any marine plumbing service that may be needed.