Marine Running Gear Services

 Marine running gear can be best defined as everything below the water line, from transmission to propeller, and is responsible for transmitting the engine generated thrust to move the vessel. It’s safe to assume that the running gear has to be in order for the safety and performance of a watercraft.

At Chapelin Marine Engineering, we pay close attention to your running gear equipment and how it is impacting the form and function of a vessel. Some of the smallest issues at the hull of a boat can cause a multitude of problems with speed, engine efficiency, steering and much more. Please take a look below at some of the services we provide our clients to ensure their running gear doesn’t give them cause for concern.

Vibrations are signs that there is an issue with the running gear. We gave the skills to evaluate, diagnose, and solve any existing problem, whether it is coming from a bent shaft, damaged propeller or worn cuttles bearings, we service all these components.

In many cases, the vibration comes from misaligned engine or worn/dry engine mounts, resulting in premature damage of the shaft and transmissions seals. We inspect engine mounts, replace them as needed and correct the engine alignment.

We service shaft and rudder traditional packing glands and seals like Sure Seals and Microtem Seals.

A Note on Vibrations

More times than not, a vibration that seems to come from the running gear area of a boat is not desirable. We mentioned that this might be due to an engine alignment issue, but it’s also worth noting that these can also show up if you have a bent propeller shaft or bent prop. If left unattended, these vibrations can get worse and cause significant damage to the transmission system and potentially sink a boat.

We serve the great Fort Lauderdale area and are ABS and Lloyd Certified.

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